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Mueller Optics/Scopes

Mueller Optics/Scopes Mueller 2-7 x 32 Multi-Shot
Mueller-2-7x32 Multi-ShotProduct FAQ
Mueller 2-7 x 32 Multi-Shot
Suggested Retail Price: $159.95
Your Amount: $145.99

Muellerâ„¢ Introduces the Worlds Newest and Most
Advanced Rifle Scope

From Turkey Hunting to Big Game Hunting, the Mueller Multi-Shot has it
all and was designed for the hunter that needs the versatility of a multi-purpose scope.

We feel it is by far the most unique and versatile scope ever developed.

What sets the new Mueller Multi-Shot 2-7x32 apart from anything else on
today's market is the advanced technology and versatility implemented into the design.

The Mueller Multi-Shot can be used on virtually "any" shotgun,
muzzleloader or rifle because of the multi-purpose reticle design. It was designed to
benefit the shooter during any hunting season and most importantly during low light.

How does it work? Simple lets take a look.

The Multi Purpose Cross Hair:

The Circle

The circle was designed when using shot type loads, for
example when turkey hunting. The circle will cover 15" at 40yards on 2 power. When
sighting in Shot type loads, adjust windage and elevation so the most dense pattern is
centered in the circle. Now the Gun is ready for whatever enters the circle.

The circle can also be used as a Rangefinder for Slug
guns and Muzzleloaders. We are well aware that once these heavy loads reach a certain
distance they begin dropping extremely fast so knowing your yardage can be the difference
between a good clean kill or a potential miss.

The Dot

The dot was designed for larger game animals such as
Deer, Elk and Bear. The center dot will "only" cover 1" at 100 yards making
it ideal for the big game hunter. Sighting in is done in the same manner as a standard
rifle scope.

The illuminated Dot:

Mueller has gone one step farther by designing the dot so
it can also be illuminated during low light situations, giving you an instant red dot aim
point, in extreme low light conditions. This new design will also solve the problem of
having your reticle blend in with dark targets such as a black bear or dark background
objects during low light. This is a common problem we have observed with other standard


  • Fully
    Multi-coated camera quality crystal lenses for superior brightness and contrast

  • size="2">All weather high-torque power change ring

  • size="2">1/4" windage and elevation adjustments with audible click
    stops and low profile easy fingertip turrets (no tools required)

  • size="2">Circle (inside)- Covers 15" at 40yds

  • size="2">Dot- Covers 1" at 100yds

  • size="2">11 Dot brightness intensity settings

  • size="2">Big diameter ocular lens for wider field of view

  • size="2">FOV @100yds 47'-18'

  • size="2">Weight 13.3oz.

  • size="2">Eye Relief 3.25"

  • size="2">Overall length 11.3"

  • size="2">Fast focus eyebell

  • size="2">waterproof, fogproof and shockproof

  • size="2">1" Tube construction with Matte black finish to minimize glare

  • color="#FF0000">Limited Lifetime Warranty

SHIPS ONLY IN THE USA. Priority Mail and the shipping charges will be $9.95 per scope.

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