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Night Vision Monoculars

Night Vision Monoculars Yukon NVMT 4x50 Multitask Night Vision Monocular
Yukon NVMT 4x50 Multitask Night Vision Monocular
Suggested Retail Price: $263.99
Your Amount: $249.99
Yukon NVMT 4x 50 Multitask Night Vision Monocular is highest magnification NVMT Monocular. Yukon NVMT 4 x 50 is the most powerful handheld in Yukon's lineup. All NVMT Monoculars by Yukon delivers a close up clear image.

Yukon's durable, light weight, compact NVMT Night Vision Multitask line is as versatile as night vision comes. With optional accessories, this palm-sized, water-proof, plastic body encased in rubber armor, Yukon NVMT 4x50mm Monocular can transform from Night Vision Monocular to Riflescope to a Head Mountable Viewer to a Photo and Video Component. All Yukon NVMT 4 x 50 Monocular's feature excellent light amplification performance, amplifying visible light several thousand times, while the exclusive PULSE IR Illuminator by Yukon minimizes battery drainage and increases range.

In addition, the Yukon Optics NVMT 4 x 50 mm Monocular can be used with these additional accessories: Yukon Universal Digital Camera Adapter 29023, NVMT IR Flashlight 29074, Yukon Directional Sound Amplification System 27022, NVMT Rifle Conversion / Laser Pointer Kit 29045, NVMT Head Mount 29031, and NVMT Interchangeable Objective Lenses

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