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Night Vision Riflescopes

Night Vision Riflescopes Yukon NVMT 3x42 Night Vision Rifle Scope
Yukon NVMT 3x42 Night Vision Rifle Scope
Suggested Retail Price: $479.99
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Yukon NVMT 3x42 Laser Rifle Scope Kit 26041 provides the user with everything needed to mount the Yukon 3x42 NVMT Riflescope on a small caliber rifle. The NVMT Laser Rifle-Scope Kit by Yukon Advanced Optics merges a powerful 3x42 monocular with a detachable eyepiece, rifle mount, and laser pointer to create a truly versatile Night Vision Riflescope. Versatility is this rifle scope's middle name. Yukon engineered these lightweight and compact units as a multifunctional system that allows the units to evolve from a Hand-Held Night Vision Unit to Monocular Goggle to a Night Vision Riflescope in a matter of seconds. Newly developed lenses maximize light amplification through improved wavelength/contrast characteristics.

Yukon provides an exclusive PULSE system infrared (IR) illuminator provides infrared lighting for an enhanced image, while staying invisible to the human eye. The PULSE System utilizes quick IR energy bursts that penetrate further to increase distance, visibility and image quality, without significant battery drainage or untimely IR burn-out.

Housed in a durable rubber armor body, the Yukon NVMT 3x42 Rifle Scope Kit 26041 fits comfortably into the palm of your hand, making this Riflescope perfect for travel and prolonged use. Interchangeable lenses permit a variety of viewing ranges, while photo-video adapters allow the user to film or photograph night vision observations. With so many features, the NVMT 3 x 42 Rifle Scope Kit by Yukon is the ultimate in multitasking night vision units. The Yukon NVMT 3x 42mm Kit head mount feature frees your hands for increased interaction with the nighttime world and a Yukon Limited Lifetime Warranty covers this Yukon Rifle Scope for added security.

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