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Campchef Barbecue Boxes

Grill BoxMake Any Camp Chef Stove Into a High Power Grill

One of Camp Chef's signature additions to our Modular Cooking System is the grill box. With built in heat distributing technology our grill boxes will add versatility to any of our gas stoves. A variety of sizes allow for diverse usability depending on your needs.

An open air, restaurant style grilling surface provides even cooking while creating a rich barbecue flavor. The grill plates are made from the same high quality material as our famous Dutch Ovens to add the excellent touch that only cooking on cast iron can create. Additionally, carry bags can be added to any of our grill boxes providing for easy transport, protection and storage.

Grill Boxes

Barbecue Grill Box for 1 Burner Stove
Suggested Retail Price: $83.33
Amount: $81.00
The single burner Barbeque Box turns your outdoor gas stove into a portable barbeque grill. This grill system will outperform anything you've used. With the patented diffuser plate you don't have to worry about hot spots. The diffuser captures and vaporizes the grease, infusing your food with a rich BBQ flavor.
Quantity:    Box

Professional Barbecue Grill Box for 3 Burner Stove
Suggested Retail Price: $139.58
Amount: $134.00
Convert your stove into a powerful barbecue grill. This barbecue grill box is sure to win you over to Camp Chefs savory outdoor flavor. Features a reverse louvered plate to vaporize grease drippings while distributing heat evenly over the cooking surface to create a more flavorful cooking experience.
Quantity:    Box

Professional Barbecue Super Grill Box for 2 Burner Stove
Suggested Retail Price: $193.75
Amount: $188.00
The Professional Double Grill box converts your stove into a powerful barbeque grill. The massive size of the Barbeque grill will out perform any portable grill you've used. With the patented diffuser plate you don't have to worry about hot spots.
Quantity:    Box

Professional Grill Box 30
Suggested Retail Price: $104.16
Amount: $99.00
Using infrared technology, internal heat-diffuser plates improve cooking quality, eliminate flare-ups, and instantly vaporize drippings. A pre-seaseoned cast iron grilling surface holds and distributes heat consistently, cooking your meat more evenly. The BB30L covers one burner and is designed to fit most Camp Chef one, two, and three burner stoves.
Quantity:    Box