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Ovens And Cylinder Stoves

OVENUnique and Innovative

Two of our newest innovations, the Camp Oven and Heavy Duty Cylinder Stove, reflect Camp Chef's commitment to improving the outdoor experience. Our passion for bringing enjoyable outdoor cooking to our customers continues as we develop new products with the highest quality in mind.

You have always wanted to take your oven with you on a camping trip or to a tailgate party. Well now you can. The popular Camp Oven is a high quality product giving you the ability to cook all of your regular recipes wherever you might be. Our cylinder stove is the perfect stove for all the outfitters and wall-tent camping lovers of the world. Heavy duty with a flat top for cooking, this stove will not only heat your tent but provide a convenient cooking space as well.

Ovens And Cylinder Stoves

Outdoor Camp Oven 2 Burner Range and Stove
Suggested Retail Price: $302.08
Amount: $285.00
Expand your outdoor menu with Camp Chefs Outdoor Camp Oven, the first of its kind.
Quantity:    Unit

Outdoor Camp Oven with Grill
Suggested Retail Price: $335.42
Amount: $315.00
The Outdoor Camp Oven is equipped with a unique grill, burner combo, making it easy to cook anything you want for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
Quantity:    Unit

Outdoor Camp Oven 2 Burner Range and Stove
Suggested Retail Price: $277.99
Amount: $249.99
You've always wanted an oven when camping, Now you can with the Outdoor Camp Oven. Don't let its compact size fool you. The Outdoor Camp Oven features over 13,500 total BTU's, the twin burners and spacious oven have plenty of power to get your cooking and baking done right.

Camp Oven Carry Bag
Suggested Retail Price: $54.99
Amount: $53.00
Protect and carry your outdoor camp oven with this full zip padded carry bag.