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Mountain Series Stoves & Lanterns

Mountain Series Stoves and Lanterns

Consumer demand paired with dealer requests have culminated in the introduction of the Mountain Series stoves and lanterns from Camp Chef. Twenty years in the outdoor cooking market has seen a lot of fads and ideas come and go but one thing remains, quality-cooking equipment that is both compact and light. The Mountain Series accomplishes both of those tasks and will add to any trip into the outdoors.

Mountain Series Stoves And Lanterns

 Rainier 2 Burner Grill & Stove Combo
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Rainier 2 Burner Grill & Stove Combo
MSRP: $104.99
Your Price: $94.99

The Mountain Series Rainier Two Burner Stove includes a larger non stick grill over the left hand burner. Plenty of heat and a removable grease tray make the Rainier a sure bet with any camping family

 Denali 3 Burner Grill & Stove Combo
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Denali 3 Burner Grill & Stove Combo
MSRP: $122.99
Your Price: $105.99

The Denali Three Burner Stove is the apex of the Mountain Series stoves with three burners totaling over 25,000 BTU's. With two side burners and a nonstick grill in the middle, the Denali is suited for any cooking challenge.

Carry Bag for Mountain Series Stoves
Suggested Retail Price: $27.08
Amount: $24.00
Made with durable fabric to withstand your outdoor cooking adventures, this carry bag features a roomy interior to fit your Mountain Series Stoves and propane bottles. Pack, store, and protect your stove with a carry bag to lengthen the life of your stove and provide easy transport.
Quantity:    Piece

EB72 72-Hour Emergency Kit
Suggested Retail Price: $208.34
Amount: $179.00
The Camp Chef 72 Hour Emergency Kit is an all inclusive kit. A 3 day supply of a variety of pre packaged meals for a family of four.
Quantity:    Set

Everest 2 Burner Stove
Suggested Retail Price: $116.67
Amount: $111.00
The Everest 2 Burner Stove has two high-pressure 20,000 BTU burners,a matchless ignition systems fires up the Everest quickly and easily. The nickel-coated steel cooking grate is strong and built to hold your pots, griddles, and skillets. Locking lid and handle allow it to transport easily. Lightweight and compact means you can take it with you on all of your adventures.
Quantity:    Box

Mountain Series Butane 1 Burner Stove
Suggested Retail Price: $29.16
Amount: $28.50
Lightweight and extremely portable, the Butane One Burner stove delivers all you need for your backcountry expeditions. Powered by 8,000 BTU’s. Matchless ignition means you don't have to worry about a way to light it, making it ideal for a 72-hr kit.
Quantity:    Box

Mountain Series Griddle
Suggested Retail Price: $41.66
Amount: $39.00
The Universal Fry Griddle is made exclusively for the Camp Chef Camp Oven. Made from heavy gauge steel the fry griddle is designed to heat evenly and includes raised edges to keep food on the griddle. (Measurements: 11.5" x 19.5" cooking surface)
Quantity:    Box

Mountain Series Griddle
Suggested Retail Price: $43.75
Amount: $41.00
The Mountain Series Griddle is an aluminum griddle that was designed to specifically work with the Camp Chef Mountain Series of stoves and the Camp Oven. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or dinner you'll find this lightweight griddle to be perfect for pancakes, paninis, or burgers and steaks.
Quantity:    Box

Mountain Series Highlight Cree Lantern
Suggested Retail Price: $29.17
Amount: $27.00
Big things come in small packages. Camp Chef Mountain Series Highlight Lantern is the perfect option for situations that are too small or compact for our full size lanterns but still demand a lot of light. Using a XRE(4) Cree LED Bulb, the Camp Chef Highlight is able to produce up to150 lumens of light. Use it as a traditional lantern or flip the bulb around and use it as a flashlight.
Quantity:    Unit

Rainier Camper's Combo - Grill/Griddle/Stove
Suggested Retail Price: $135.42
Amount: $130.00
The Rainier Combo stove is compact and versatile, and features a stainless steel drip tray that catches grease and makes clean up easy. The lid attaches to the foldable sides to create a windscreen to help protect your flame. It also has matchless ignition and and heat control dials to help you cook more easily.
Quantity:    Box

Summit Solar Lantern
Suggested Retail Price: $66.66
Amount: $64.00
The self-sustaining Solar Lantern converts light into power for charging modern smartphones and provides light when there isn't any. Opening the lid exposes two solar panels that charge up internal batteries (included), which will power the LED lantern. Great for emergency kits, camping, boating, at the cabin, and to keep in car emergency kits.
Quantity:    Box

Teton 2 Burner Stove
Suggested Retail Price: $85.42
Amount: $83.00
Two 10,000 BTU burners give you the heat to cook your food to your liking. A matchless ignition system and a compact, portable design means this stove is ready to hit the road on your next camping adventure. It has a nickel-coated steel cooking grate that lets you cook whatever you want, however you want. Stainless steel burner housing allows for quick and easy cleanup.
Quantity:    Box

Rainier 2 Burner Grill & Stove Combo
Suggested Retail Price: $110.42
Amount: $105.00
With the included non stick grill and single burner stove, the Rainier Combo makes all of your cooking challenges easier. A built in grill means you won't have to bring extra gear. Totaling 18,000 BTU cooking power, the Rainier has what it takes to cook for a family. This compact and versatile stove features heat control dials, matchless ignition, and a stainless-steel grease trapping system with a removable tray for easy clean up.
Quantity:    Box

Solar Flare Lantern
Suggested Retail Price: $50.00
Amount: $44.00
What's brighter than a two-mantle lantern? Well a three mantle lantern, of course. The Solar Flare Lantern will set the standard in the lantern world and leave all others in its shadow!

Helios Lantern
Suggested Retail Price: $31.99
Amount: $29.99
The Helios Lantern is perfectly suited for an outdoor outing with two mantles and matchless ignition.