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Sightmark Optics


Sightmark OpticsSightmark branded products are at the vanguard of quality hunting and shooting supplies, and offer a wide range and variety of unique product lines. The exclusive features and benefits integrated into each product set Sightmark apart from all others and fuse high quality with an affordable price.

Laser bore sightsSightmark products focus on high magnification, wide magnification range, use with high caliber rifles or longer than typical distances and utilizing illuminated reticles, lasers and emerging technology.


We at Sightmark believe that hunting and shooting sports are not just pastimes, they are passions. That is why Sightmark products cater to the serious-minded sportsman who wants, and needs, additional power and newer, more innovative technology integrated into the equipment they use.

At Sightmark, we take pride in bringing the highest quality hunting and shooting products and accessories to the avid sportsmen all at an affordable price.


Sightmark 9mm Luger Laser Boresight
Suggested Retail Price: $47.99
Amount: $45.99
Sightmark 9mm Luger Pistol Bore Sight provide the most convenient and accurate method for sighting in pistols specific or rifles to the bore sights caliber like Beretta CX4 Storm Tactical Or Hi-point 9mm. Simply chamber the bore sight like a regular bullet and a laser dot will show exactly where the pistol is aiming; its easy to sight in your firearm or scope without firing a single shot
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Sightmark Q5 Triple Duty Tactical Flashlight
Amount: $119.99
The Sightmark Q5 Triple Duty Cree LED tactical flashlights high intensity 280 lumen Cree LED light beam illuminates the darkness with a powerful, concentrated shaft of light precise enough to assist you with the most difficult shots in the most precarious situations.
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Sightmark Triple Duty Tactical CLR Laser Sight
Suggested Retail Price: $47.99
Amount: $38.99
The Sightmark series of Triple Duty tactical laser sights are multifunctional weapon sights inspired by military and law enforcement applications. They feature intense, accurate laser beams and an extremely lightweight housing, which make them perfect for rapid fire or home defense. The Triple Duty CRL Laser Sight has an ultra compact, low profile design with a built-in Weaver mount.
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Tactical 4x32 1/4MOA, Mil Dot, 1
Suggested Retail Price: $79.99
Amount: $77.99
Precision multicoated optics are the distinguishing feature of the Sightmark tactical riflescope line; multicoated lenses offer the clearest view for easy target acquisition in both bright and low light situations.
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