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The Mummy Worms

The Mummy Worms

The Best Bait For Trout, Crappies and Panfish and many more species! Mummy Worms are the latest bait to hit the USA! With a long shelf life, these baits are good for months. Trout can't resist them, Crappie go crazy and all other pan fish will hit like never before on these baits. Great for all season long and especially hot for winter ice fishing. The secret mothod of preserving these baits will amaze you and get you more bites than live bait.

Mummy Worm Baits


What is a Mummy Worm?

Mummy Worms are a natural mummified worm. The large range of colors and the texture of this natural worm make them more effecient and effective than live baits.

How long with they store?

The Mummy Worms are made by a secret method and can be stored for up to 2 years with proper refridgeration or store at room tempurature for up to 8 months.

How does it stay on?

They hold well on your hook and are deadly for trout, pan fish and crappie. Also walleye, perch and many other species love these baits!

The Mummy Worms
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The Natural Mummified worms. The large number of colors and the texture of this natural worm makes them more efficient and effective than live baits. Mummy Worms are made with a secret method to preserve them and help them last. Can be stored up to 2 years. Deadly for trout, crappie, panfish and there just is no more effective bait for ice fishing! Approximately 35 - 40 per pack.
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Mummy Worms are the latest thing to hit the fishing bait market! Mummy Worms fishing bait is an all natural preserved wax worm. It is a secret process to mummified wax worm that comes in a variety of colors. Last up to 9 months in the tackle box and stay on your hook great.

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