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Ghillie Suits

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This is the place for your Ghillie Suit Supplies and KITS!

Our supplier is a US Government Vendor CAGE #1SVZ3

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Ghillie Suits offers a suit like no other. In fact, it's "Patented". We use the Finest and strongest materials we could find, with out compromising quality and strength. Our suits are based on a 100% Nylon netting with a 500 Lb. Tensile strength. Our Synthetic thread is 1-Ply, 10 Lb. Tensile strength. We hand tie 4-5 strands of Synthetic Thread to every knot. That's 40-50 Lbs. of strength at every knot!

We've found that by using the netting as a backing, you can wear them over anything, even a T-shirt. In the hotter climates this can be crucial in the comfort of the wearer, allowing the wind to pass right through! With the use of the Synthetic thread as the camouflage base material, our full Poncho suit only weighs 2.75 Lbs.


To show you how easy it is to use our suits here are some video's showcasing our "Stalker" suit. We've included videos for putting your suit on, Taking it off, and a few more showing the "Stalker" in action. After viewing our Videos I'm sure you'll agree, that Ghillie Suits "Patented" designs are easy to use, fully functional, and look great. Or should we say "It's what you Don't see that's important"

Warning! Jute thread is flammable. Please avoid open flames, sparks, or other items that could ignite the material. Do not smoke while wearing your suit. All of our wearable garments are sprayed with a Fire-retardant spray. All Ghillie kits come with one lb. of a Dry Fire-retardant powder that the customer mixes with water and applies to his/her suit. We recommend Dry cleaning only. If you wash your suit with water, the fire-retardant must be re-applied.