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Campfire Grills

Campfire Grills The Campfire Grill Rebel

Estimated Stock Date: July 2014
1016-RebelOEM#8 91057 00101 6
The Campfire Grill Rebel
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Rebel charcoal grill: Unlike any other grill, the rebel can be used with charcoal or with a ground campfire. The two-piece stake, 10" x 12" grill rack and charcoal pan all fit into the Rebel's own carrying bag. Load the charcoal pan with charcoal before packing, place the Rebel in your saddlebag, backpack or car, and you will be ready to cook when you arrive at your cook site. Like all The Perfect CampfireGrills, the patented Rebel has the raised edge. This allows the chef to position food over the entire grilling area, right to the edge of the rack, without fear of loosing it to the fire. The grill rack and charcoal pan connect to the stake with an L-Shaped screw. The stake is connected with a screw and snugs together with included wrenches.

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