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Campchef Accessories

Get Outfitted with Essential Camp Chef Accessories

If you've got a stove - there are a lot of accessories that you need to have! Patio covers and carry bags for your stove are a must have. Having an additional shelf, adding an igniter, or using an adaptable hose to connect to your RV are all things you can do with your great stove.

Campchef Accessories

Campchef Stoves Single Burner Accessories
Single Burner Accessories

Accessories specific to enhance cooking on single burner stoves.

Campchef Two Burner Stove Accessories
Two Burner Accessories

A wide variety of accessories are available to provide protection or enhancement for our two burner stoves.

Campchef Three Burner Stove Accessories
Three Burner Accessories

Improve your cooking experience on a three burner stove with a wide variety of accessories.

Camp Chef Apparel, gloves and aprons
Camp Chef Apparel

You are the "Camp Chef." Where our apron to solidify your well earned title.

Campchef Barbecue Grill Accessories and grill boxes
Barbecue Grill Accessories

Improve efficiency with these accessories to allow you to keep your thoughts on the flavor.

Add on Campchef Stove Shelves

Grilling requires space that is easily provided by a side shelf or utility shelf made to fit our Camp Chef stoves.

Campchef Sport Utility Accessories
Sport Utility Accessories

Griddles, grill boxes, and bags are available for our low profile sport utility stoves.

Campchef Smoker Accessories
Smoker Accessories

A variety of accessories allow for smoking various sizes, types and cuts of meat.

Stove Windscreens

Windscreens are one item that you cannot be left without.

Campchef Stove Legs
Campchef Stove Legs

Legs, extensions, and tie downs to provide more convenience when cooking outdoors.

Dutch Oven Accessories, Domes, Handles
Dutch Oven Accessories

Dutch oven tables, lid lifters, tripods and gloves. Its all here. Make your dutch oven cooking a snap.

Meat Thermometers
Meat Thermometers

Temperature is extremely important for roasting, grilling, or cooking. Stand alone and replacement thermometers are available.

Camp Other Accessories
Parts and Accessories

Additional accessories that can be used with a variety of our Camp Chef products.

Campchef Stove Ignitors

Universal igniter attaches to your stove for fast, safe and easy lighting.

Alpine Heavy Duty Cylinder Stove
Suggested Retail Price: $260.42
Amount: $235.00
Whether you are an outfitter or just a lover of wall tent camping, you will be hard pressed to find a wood burning stove that has the value added features of the Alpine Heavy Duty Cylinder Stove.
Quantity:    Unit

Barbecue Box Lid Holder
Suggested Retail Price: $10.41
Amount: $9.41
Tired of having to find a spot to balance your Barbecue Grill Box lid while you check your food on the grill. The Barbecue Lid Holder is the perfect solution.
Quantity:    Piece

Campchef Stove Accessory Set
Suggested Retail Price: $13.02
Amount: $11.00
Tired of trying to find a spot to lay your spatula. This convenient utensil holder is the perfect solution. Hangs on stove or shelf. For use with most outdoor stoves.
Quantity:    Set

Chef Light
Suggested Retail Price: $26.05
Amount: $24.00
Enjoying great food can now be enjoyed at any time, day or night. Camp Chef's flexible lamp is perfect for early morning breakfast feasts or late night cookouts. Cooking outdoors has never been so easy!
Quantity:    Unit

Cylinder Stove Hot Water Tank
Suggested Retail Price: $104.16
Amount: $95.00
OUT OF STOCK This product is currently on backorder. If ordered it will be shipped on or after December 08, 2012.
Quantity:    Unit

Disposable Bottle Regulator Bulk Tank Hose Adapter
Suggested Retail Price: $26.05
Amount: $24.00
Disposable bottle regulator bulk tank hose adapter
Quantity:    Unit

Low Pressure Regulator Hose Set
Suggested Retail Price: $28.03
Amount: $25.00
This regulator hose set is for use with low pressure propane gas appliances.
Quantity:    Piece

Pan Scraper
Amount: $1.04
Clean your cast iron cookware and Dutch oven without marring the seasoned surface.
Quantity:    Piece

Pan Scraper - 3 pack
Suggested Retail Price: $5.21
Amount: $5.00
Pan scrappers are a convenient and easy way to clean your Dutch ovens and cast iron cookware without marring the seasoned surface.
Quantity:    Unit

Triton 10L Portable Water Heater
Suggested Retail Price: $312.50
Amount: $290.00
Big brother to the Triton hot water heater, the Triton 10L delivers more water, faster and hotter.
Quantity:    Unit