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Internet user privacy and confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us, our users, our web publisher members, and our advertiser clients. Our privacy commitment is based on the principle we will not gather your private information or use private information we have gathered without your permission.

User Information

Trail Master Outdoors is a commercial enterprise dedicated to building communities for those interested in a broad range of outdoor activities and retailing outdoor related product or services. Our ring fragments (the box that contains navigation tools and other links) include links to various product offers, contests, premium content, advertisers and other items of interest. It is our practice to ask you to provide various items information regarding your interests and/or contact information in connection with such offers. Our reasons for gathering such information may vary--generally we gather information in order to provide you will special product and services offers that fall within your areas of interest. We are careful to protect the personal information you give to us and we will not sell or otherwise provide access to such information to any third party without your permission. All financial transaction information is handled in a fully secure environment and will not be disclosed under any circumstances.

Trail Master Outdoors uses cookies to improve your Web browsing experience. When you are first served a web page, we may assign a unique random number to your computer browser - commonly known as a "cookie." This practice helps us understand the way users respond to the content and features of our programs. For example, we use cookies to keep track of how many times an individual may view a web page we distribute. We use information obtained from cookies to tailor our technical design to improve the speed, reliability and accessibility of the Trail Master Outdoors content. We may also use cookies to deliver statistical information to the owners of pages or advertisers (i.e. the number of times a Trail Master Outdoors user has accessed their web page.)

In addition, Trail Master Outdoors collects information that is specific to how you use the Internet. Our servers may note details such as the server you are logged onto, the geographic location of the ISP you use, the type of browser you use, and your IP address. Such information is obtained for the purpose of targeting advertising and promotions and measuring sites effectiveness.

There are instances where a user may provide specific personal information in connection with a purchase of products or services in response to one of our special offers. In such instances, the information is only used for the purposes of completing the transaction requested.

Trail Master Outdoors Publishing Partners

Trail Master Outdoors regards all personal information collected from its publishing partners as confidential. The information is used only for administrative purposes associated with building the interest-focused community in which the publishing partner has agreed to participate. From time to time, we will send required communications to members regarding new programs, features or community statistics and demographics. We will also send non-required communications to our publishing partners, which may include special product offers, special advertising opportunities or other programs. We will discontinue non-required communications to any publishing partner upon their request. We may collect data regarding the individual users who are referred to a publishing partners site in accordance with the policy regarding user information set forth in this policy statement.


If you have any questions pertaining to this privacy policy and its contents, please direct your correspondence to

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Trail Master Outdoors
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